appreciating the sister

I'm not the type who's really crazy about fashion. I feel really safe and comfy by just wearing simple and casual clothes and I must admit that there are times when I would sometimes need help with enhancing my looks. In fact, my sister is the one who would help me decide what to wear on certain occasions. From clothes to make-up, she's really phenomenal at helping me look my best when I really need to. And did I say jewelry, too? I mean the fashionably right ones for the simple me, of course. Recently, she gave me an idea about finding inspiration in fashion jewelry from Jeweler's Wife, and I must say that there are a lot of good ones there that I am willing to wear. :-) Believe me, she knows what's best for me and my tiny budget. Thank God for sisters like her!


schoolyear is almost over

The schoolyear for our little preschooler will soon be over. In fact, they are already rehearsing for their moving up ceremony which will happen next weekend. After that, she can already take her vacation. Yipee! She's really looking forward to spend some of her vacation days with the in-laws. The thought of having a lot of playtime with her first cousins pretty soon really excites her. I'm also excited for her moving up to kindergarten school come this school opening.

Vacation time from school also means vacation time from school-related expenditures (Yipee for us parents! LOL); although this respite from school shouldn't take long because we are also planning to let her take summer classes/workshop. Hopefully, this short break would allow us to save up a little bit for her future school fees.


what preschoolers learn about music recently

I don't know if it's just me but I found it amazing to know that my Nursery student is already learning the different types of musical instruments in school. Just recently, we were doing her assignment on the examples of string, percussion and wind instruments. I thought back then, when I was the same age as her (4 years old), I didn't know about these things. I was not even enrolled in preschool yet and I only got to enter Kindergarten at 6 years old. Bugles were a common sight in school parades but, as far as I can remember, we weren't discussing their classification during preschool. Amazing, indeed!

the persistent wannabe

Our daughter's latest obsession which has been going on for weeks now is the music from that Disney movie entitled "Frozen". Everyday, she begs for us to let her watch the movie; and when she's done with the movie, she wants to listen and sing-along to the same music on youtube. Sometimes it irritates me because I hardly have enough computer time myself because of her being a Frozen fanatic. Several times today, she asked her father to buy her the gown that Elsa wore when she sang "Let It Go". Her father had already said "No" to this request today. Tomorrow is another day for the persistent wannabe.


will it work for me?

A couple of weeks ago, we had Zumba sessions at work. I appreciated it that the company I worked for has initiated this activity. We didn't have a Zumba trainor but we were provided with a video of an easy workout routine which was fed through a projector screen. I was close to liking the activity but the sessions have abruptly stopped because the venue we were using then was no longer available. There were also times that some of us would skip the sessions because of a work deadline. So, perhaps not being able to enjoy Zumba a bit longer at work was already bound to happen. Now, I think I'll have to resume doing Zumba sessions at home. Keeping myself fit and healthy has been such a challenge for many years now. Someone suggested that I should also try if an 8 hour detox will work for me. Right now, I'm still having second thoughts because I'm not sure if I would be able to sustain it.

how I made her happy on Valentine's Day

If I had it my way, I would have celebrated Valentine's Day on a dinner date with husband and daughter. However, since it was a work day for both of us and a school day for the little girl, husband and I decided we should just simply celebrate it at home. After all the traffic I went through on my way home from work, celebrating it at home only justified it as the most practical and cost-effective idea. I brought home dinner and dessert for the three of us. I also brought with me the Valentine balloon that I received at work. All the ladies in the office practically received one from our boss; and while almost everyone just left their balloons as decoration in their respective cubicles, I thought of bringing mine at home because I know it would make my little girl happy. True enough, she was jumping with joy when she saw me at the doorstep with the red balloon. In return, she also gave me and her papa the Valentine card that she made in school.